Smallville star Allison Mack arrested over ‘sex cult’ NXIVM


SMALLVILLE actress Allison Mack has been arrested for his alleged role in the infamous upstate sex slave cult NXIVM (pronounced Nexium).

Mack was last seen after the cult after the cult leader Keith Raniere on March 25, when the police took him away from the villa in Mexico where they had hid.

Ranians allegedly held women as slaves and burned his initials in their skin were arrested for sex trafficking and forced labor and brought back to the United States.

It all worked as an extortion, with the women forced to follow their instructions after revealing "extremely harmful information about themselves or family members," the authorities say.

Raniere, 57, who lived outside Albany, received funding for his twisted operation from Clare Bronfman, a heir to Seagram's smell, according to the authorities. He was imprisoned in anticipation of a 27 April citizen consultation.

Mack was expected to appear in a Brooklyn court later today.

NXIVM was founded by Raniere in 1998 and offers "programs that provide the philosophical and practical foundation needed to acquire and build skills for success, it is the site read.

About 160,000 joined the group under leadership by Raniere, known in his circles as "Vanguard", including Mack, Battlestar Gallactica star Nicki Clyne and dynasty star Catherine Oxenberg's daughter, India. 19659003] Mack was reportedly introduced to the Self-Help Group around 2006 by its Smallville co-star Kristin Kreuk.

Kreuk, depicting the young Superman's love interest, Lana Lang, announced, but went out before female acolytes began to get

Mack played Clark Kent's star-star blonde pursuing, Chloe Sullivan.

The jar pronounced a statement after Ranier's arrest, who said she left grown five years ago, did not experience any fierce asset iteter and has condemned her alleged abuse of women.



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