Brisbane gas bottle explosion: Man dead at Warner


A man is dead after a massive explosion at his home in Brisbane's north, where the police say the man tried to extract hydrogen from water.

The neighbors described the blast as an "atomic bomb that goes away". [19659003] Last night, police confirmed last week that a man in the 50's died in an explosion while working on machines in a shed by Warner.

Police this morning said the man tried to extract hydrogen from water using gas-related equipment.

Death is treated as unthinkable and a report for coroner will be prepared.

Neighbor Ric Hartman made the triple-0 call at 17.30 yesterday after noticing the effects of an explosion.

"It was like a nuclear weapon going out … it blew everything out of our kitchen table, out of our nightstand – it blew the lamps off," he said. "I can not even put the explosion in order, it was like the air stopped."

Residents in neighboring town of Bray Park said they could hear the blasting.

Senior Secretary Jeff Lansdown said the man in his mid-fifties was working with machines in his shed when the explosion occurred.

"A gentleman at the address used some machines beside his shed and an explosion had arisen as a result of using the machinery," he said. 19659003] "The incident is quite catastrophic, unfortunately, very traumatic for the family and also for all the emergency service personnel participating."

The man whom the neighbors called Ross were at home alone at the time of the incident.

"He has a wife and some adult children he lived with at this address," said Snr Sgt Lansdown, and also tells His wife, Courier-Mail described him as a "tinkerer" 19659003] Mr. Hartman said the family has lived on a stay for some time, with Ross always working.

"He was a really cool guy, a builder who always works forever. Really nice," he said.

Snr Sgt Lansdown said it was a "tragic accident" and will not be treated as suspicious, but studies of the exact cause are under way.



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