Gallipoli soldier saved by a Bible


Alister Ross was in Gallipoli when he was saved by the Bible.

The butter manufacturer was a corporal in the Australian infantry when a bullet and a piece of shrapnel hit him in his left chest.

The 22-year-old survived thanks to a wallet that his mother had given him, the close sides stopped the metal from piercing his heart.

His family in London on Saturday gave Don the Bible complete with ball holes that should appear in Anzac Memorial in Sydney.

"It's a very sacred piece of history," said Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull when he accepted the gift in London.

"A reminder of Aliser's generous heroism and sacrifice." [19659003] The Bible contains notes from Corporal Ross's remembrance and pressed poppy petals.

"In Gallipoli, he was saved by the Bible," said Turnbull.

"It caught a piece of scrapnel that would otherwise have killed him."

Corporal Ross later died on the Western Front and his body was buried in an unmarked tomb in France and has not been restored.

Turnbull gave support to members of the armed forces at a wreath ceremony at the Australian War Memorial in London in the lead to Anzac Day.

"We best honor the Anzacians from 1918 by supporting you, serving men and women today," he said.



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