‘Quintessential Australian house’ sells strongly in Yarraville


A couple moved from St Kilda after migration from England secured their first house in the country as they peaked two other bidders for their new Aussie home.

The inner western beauty of 77 Ballarat St, Yarraville, picked up $ 1,215 million after being called on market moments previously at $ 1,205 million in front of about 60 people.

New owners Louise and Greg said "a beautiful renovation for a period home" and native plants had attracted them to "the famous Australian house" in central Yarraville.

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The pair was second to the bidding campaign that increased the figure to $ 1.07 million . After another young family, an opening bid peaked at $ 1.05 million. with an increase of $ 10,000.

Hocking Stuart, Yarraville, Auction Trader Adam Welling told the crowd that it was like "pulling teeth early" as a bid slowly rose before increments narrowed to $ 5000.

The hammer eventually fell to Melburnians in six years after They beat the competition from a third bidder looking for an investment.

Hocking Stuart, Yarraville, Director Leo Dardha, said before the auction the seller had given the living value "a makeover" for sale, updating the kitchen, bathroom, exterior and gardens.

"This is a golden address, Ballarat St., the interest has come young couples, leaders who want the lifestyle of the village on their door," he said.

"You do not have to drive, you can go down and have your coffee and breakfast."

Mr. Dardha said a similar property at 300sq m near the central strips in Richmond or St Kilda would cost about 2 million dollars.




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