Samples taken by OPWC at Syrian ‘chemical attack’ site at Douma


Inspectorates from the Global Chemical Weapons Dog sat in the Syrian city of Douma after an alleged poison attack, the body said.

An investigation mission from the Organization for Chemical Weapons (OPCW) visited Douma today to collect samples for analysis in connection with allegations of the use of chemical weapons on April 7, 2018. OPCW will evaluate the situation and consider future steps, including another possible visit to Douma, "the organization said in a statement.

A team from OPCW has been in Syria for a week but had not traveled to the city because of security fears.

"The security of OPCW is guaranteed not only by the Syrian side but also by the Russian command in Syria," said Russia.

Thousands were killed in the suspected gas attack in Douma, near Damascus on April 7, and was largely due to the efforts of President Bashar al-Assad's forces according to relief workers.

The Syrian government has consistently refused to use chemical weapons and urged OPCW to investigate.

The Russian Ministry said it expects OPCW to conduct an "impartial investigation".

"Especially since this is the first visit to the scene of a suspected chemical incident in the history of the so-called Syrian chemical record," he said.



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