Sunrise star marries Neil Varcoe


SUNRISE star Edwina Bartholomew has tied the knot together with his partner for seven years, Neil Varcoe, in a fantastic farmyard.

The couple first met when they worked at the radio station 2GB and have been dating since.

Your wedding is exactly one year after Neil proposed Edwina on their Warramba property, which is located between Lithgow and Mudgee in New South Wales.

In a statement today, the couple said "felt very beloved" since the announcement of their engagement last year.

"It's so nice to share our wedding pictures with all our wonderful Sunrise viewers. Everyone has been so friendly when we announced our engagement in April last year." We have felt very much loved, "she said.

The couple is expected to attend late at night with their 160 guests – made up of family, old friends and most Sunrise team where Edwina has been working since 2011.

The tv star is the third in his family to wear her amazing wedding dress.

The delicate, blonde detailed dress was first carried by her very beloved grandmother in 1944, and her veil was given to her best grandmother by her sister for the wedding in 1915.

It was lovingly restored by Melbourne designer Sonia Cappellazzo, who owns Cappellazzo Couture.

Cappellazzo was the stylist who dressed Eddy when she hosted Dancing With The Stars.

Aric Yegudkin was another Dancing With The Stars alum who Eddy used for the wedding and got the professional practitioner to help them with their first dance.

"Loved helping you with your wedding dance, not what you needed a lot of help," wrote Aric at Instagram earlier.

The couple planned the whole wedding herself, made their friend cook and Eddy was thought to have had a lot of hands picking the flower arrangements.

Now that the ceremony is done and Eddy and Neil are married, the guests manage to dance through the night and enjoy food and wine localized locally in Mudgee and NSW Central Coast.

The couple's wedding gift to guests was honey made on their farm.

And for the 60 guests who do not live near the Capertee Valley, where the couple's 100 acre estate is located, Eddy and Neil surround their renovated 1890s sandstone house with dozens of glossy frames.

The couple started the farmhouse renovation two years ago when they bought the expansive property, naming it Warramba when it was finished.



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