65 people arrested at major Sydney dance event


SIXTY-FIVE people were accused and three others were taken to hospital after a dance party at the Sydney Olympic Park overnight.

More than 12,700 people participated in Trance State over the 18th dance party, held between 9pm last night and 5:00 tomorrow.

At the popular event held at the exhibition hall, Armin Van Buuren and Gaia saw a number of highly-rated DJs.

During his show Van Buuren met with DJ Avicii, like died last week at the age of 28 years.

Police from the southwest metropolitan area were assisted by a sniffer dog, who was given eight people to deliver drugs, most of them were MDMA.

This included a 20 year old man found with 150 caps of MDMA, 26 ecstasy tablets and eight grams of cocaine.

A 19-year-old man was ordered to deliver drugs after allegedly having been found with 120 MDMA caps while a 23-year-old received the same charge after allegedly being found with 47 MDMA caps. They both fall due in Burwood Local Court on May 10th.

Police charged another 55 people with drug possession.

On-site medical staff treated 45 party queues where three men aged 18-22 were admitted to Concord Hospital with suspected drug overdose

Assuming they were in a stable state.

The Southwest Metropolitan Region Enforcement Commander Detective Inspector Gus Viera said the results of the overnight operation were alarming.

"It never ceases to amaze me how many people ignore all warnings – not just health warnings, but the awareness that there will be a high-visibility political operation – so choose to transport illegal drugs into the room," said detective inspector Viera. "19659003" discovered dozens of young people who carry drugs that could not only lead to a criminal charge but if taken – could be life threatening.

"We have the police at all ports that control illicit drugs, we have drug detection dogs who perform sweeps in the area, but people still believe that they can bring substances into these functions without being stopped."

"Poor choices can have serious consequences and we encourage all people participating in these features to celebrate safe, watch your friends and do not risk your health or your good reputation. "




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