Brawl at Adelaide Oval, Port Adelaide vs Geelong


The southern Australian police are investigating an ugly fight that occurred during Port Adelaide's loss to Geelong on Adelaide Oval on Saturday night.

Vision of the match, involving up to eight men, was captured by spectators and broadcast by Channel 7 on Sunday evening.

The images show that several battles have been thrown and a lone security guard unable to keep borrowers separate from

According to reports, a number of security guards were able to respond quickly to the incident and arrived at the stadium's William Magarey room shortly After the match broke out in the last quarter of the 84-50 victory of the cat

A Polish spokeswoman from South Australia said the police were in possession of the filings taken into the corporate loyalty and confirmed that a survey had been launched.

14-year-old witness Aisha Glazier, who witnessed the game, told Seven she had to try to hide after the match broke out.

"It was a little scary because of course they were quite big adults, and you just did not know what would happen," she said.

"And esp ecologically when … there was only one security guard in the room at the time before the others came."

It was one of several regarding reports of crowds behavior during blockbuster clashes on Saturday.

Geelong coach Chris Scott was apparently also accused of a spectator when he went from coaches to the ground in three quarters.

Seven cameras caught Scott staring at a spectator in turn with commentators suggesting something uncomfortable could have been targeted at the cats mentor

Scott said after the game that he did not hear anything unheard.

"I always hear people who call me Brad," Scott said after the game.

"I do not know whether they are smart-asses or not … nothing I noticed is nothing beyond the usual."

Meanwhile, Geelong premiership Caper Cameron Ling launched a blurring attack on Lindsay Thomas , which marks Port Adelaide's forward-looking hit on Scott Selwood "a dog action". [1 9659003] Thomas faces suspension after being reported to be gross behavior over a heavy and high hit at Selwood under Power's 34-point loss to Cats at Adelaide Oval on Saturday night.

Selwood was knocked out of the game with concussion after the ugly second quarter's incident.

"Lindsay Thomas's action was not far near brave – it was cheap," said Ling on Sunday 3AW radio.

"I know you can encounter a football game. 19659003]" (Men) who encountered Lindsay Thomas executed last night is illegal, illegal from the game and has been illegal since Michael Long bumped Troy Simmons in the 2000 grand final.

"When a player is down in the action to pick up the football and the bumper moves forward on him and just decides to bump him in the head right on it … it's the one who can put a block in the hospital, could potentially break his throat and cause quadriplegia.

"The one for me is as illegal and as chea on shot as you can take a footy field … it was a dog action. "

Under new guidelines this season, Thomas will receive a two-week ban if the event is classified as careless behavior with a major impact on the head. AFL spokeswoman Michael Christian has recently said that a properly executed bump without main contact still is allowed.

Thomas's case could be sent directly to the AFL Tribunal, whose Christian considers it appropriate.

Ling said that Thomas's actions did not fit on a footy field with the potential to cause serious harm.

"I would like to clarify that" dog action "is a big call and maybe go a bit far, but if Scott Selwood had broken his neck tonight we would scream about this kind of bump," he said.

"The result could have been very bad, therefore if we talk about judging something about the action and not the result … It's as bad as you can do on a footy field. "Chief Ken Hinkley said the collision was" wild "but inadvertently.

" No player is determined to try to make things go wrong, but in a contact sport, they happen like that, "said Hinkley. 19659003] From our point of view, Lindsay was trying to make the right. "

– With AAP



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