Donald Trump’s North Korea denuclearisation tweet was wrong


DONALD Trump on Sunday claimed North Korea has agreed to "denuclearization" before its potential meeting with Kim Jong-un. But that is not the case.

North Korea said Friday that it would suspend nuclear tests and intercontinental ballist missions prior to summits with the United States and South Korea. Sir. Kim also said that a nuclear test site would be closed and "dismantled" now that the country has learned to make nuclear weapons and mount warheads on ballistic missiles.

But the North has stopped saying that it intends to abandon its nuclear weapon arsenal, with Mr. Kim making it clear that nukes remains a "worthy sword."

The United States President is nevertheless forced that the North has "accepted denuclearization (so great for the world), site closure and no more test!"

Being committed to the concept of denuclearization is, however, not the same as accepting what Mr Trump claims.

South Korea, to meet with North Korea later this week, has said that Kim has expressed real interest in abolishing its nuclear weapons. But north of decades has been pushing a term "denuclearization" that does not resemble the American definition, as it tries to pursue nuclear development unless Washington removes its troops from the Korean peninsula and the nuclear umbrella that defends South Korea and Japan.

South Korea's president has said that Kim does not ask for withdrawal of American troops from the Korean peninsula as a condition for giving up its nuclear weapons. If it is true, it seems to remove a significant sting point on a potential disarmament clause.

However, it still does not indicate a North Korean arsenal, which now includes alleged thermonuclear warheads and developmental ICBM developed over a decades of long-term crisis, stalemates and broken promises.

Trump agreed to meet with Kim after an invitation from a South Korean delegation who had just returned from Pyongyang.

"I told President Trump that in our meeting North Korean leader Kim Jong-un said he was committed to denuclearization." South Korea's national security adviser later told reporters on the driveway of the White House.

"Kim promised that North Korea will refrain from further nuclear or missile tests." A place and date have not yet, but Trump's choice to be the next prime minister, CIA Director Mike Pompeo, traveled to North Korea on Easter weekend for to lay the groundwork for the meeting. Trump has called the negotiations a success, but it is unclear what was agreed to something as a condition for leader-to-lead negotiations.

"See, this is a great public relations effort by Kim Jong-un. And I think people acknowledge it," said Senator Bob Corker on CNN's EU State . But asked if you would think that the North would suffocate, Mr Corker offered caution.

"I do not think he said anything about denuclearization on the front side necessarily," he said.

He added on ABC's This week that it is unrealistic to think that "anyone wants to go in and charm" Mr. Kim out of keeping his nuclear weapons.

"Is it realistic that he's just willing to do it? Absolutely not," said Mr. Corker. "But you know that progress can be made, freezes the program, who knows what he is – what his aspirations are as it concerns South Korea."

Senator Tom Cotton was as skeptical about CBS Nation and argued that North Korea's latest statements are easily reversible and that no short or medium-sized ballistic missiles have been announced threatening South Korea and Japan.



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