NRL Footy Show host replaced by James Bracey while on maternity leave


CHANNEL NINE has announced who will be Erin Molan's compensation when she is on maternity leave from the NRL Footy Show.

Molan will be replaced by James Bracey, currently hosting the Wide World of Sports Network Weekend Program.

The program, which has fought in rating inputs, will also change the format when Molan is on maternity leave in mid-May.

Bracey will host the show from the ground after Thursday night football, and Parramatta legend Peter Sterling will fill in as the host of the Sunday Footy Show.

It's a return to a well-known foot for him after he hosted the program from 1993 to 2015.

You say that both changes take place from mid-May until Molan returns from maternity leave later this year .

Ever since the new-looking Footy Show aired in March this year, Molan has faced hard criticism from viewers over social media.

The display, like left Paul "Fatty" The vapor went, was slammed to be a "train break" and a "geese party" with Molan as host.

"I have treated others' opinions for over a decade now. People seem to feel the need to judge me constantly. If I was disturbed every time somebody said something bad about me I could not do this job, "said Molan to News Corp.

Molan said she was excited about her first child's arrival with partner Sean Ogilvy and thanked those who had sent their well-being.

"Sean and I are so excited to meet our baby. We can not wait!"

"We just hope that Bub is polite enough to come before or at least between Countryside matches!"

"We would like to thank all the wonderful people who have sent their best wishes and especially those who have assured me" It will not hurt anything "… multiple men!

" I'm excited about this next phase and are excited Me also to introduce the newest member of our family to all of you. "

Bracey currently anchored the broad world of sports coverage of NRL, Sports Sunday and 100% Footy.

He praised Molan and said he hoped he could be a" good bench player "until she Comes back to TV

"Erin does a great job in her role as a host and I hope I can be a good supporter until she's ready to return," Bracey said.

"Footy Show has a rich success story over a quarter of a century on the air.



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