Race 10 Results, Scott McLaughlin wins


SCOTT McLaughlin finished his pure sweep of Phillip Island 500 weekend – but again he had to work for it.

McLaughlin fought his way past a feisty David Reynolds after the last round of pitstop where he held Bathurst 1000 Rick Kelly also finished a perfect pair of podium finishes for the third weekend in which he held Fabian Coulthard back.

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STANDINGS: Updated Supercars Championship Points after Race 10

McLaughlin led the early stages before they were skipped by Kelly, Reynolds and Michael Caruso after the first round of pitstop, Reynolds continues after the second round.

Shell Ford spent the next few laps glued to the back of Penrite Holden, a carbon copy of his race-winning movement from Saturday, moving his former Reynolds to a leadership he would not lose.

"Ludo said back, but I said" give me another shot! "And I got him," said McLaughlin.

"I can not do it without my big team, we had a great shooting game all weekend."

Reynolds slammed out of the line but could not take advantage of Doohan Corner, McLaughlin swept into the lead.

Behind them, Michael Caruso had two wheels in the grass at the end, but reigned seventh in the time of Southern Loop. It was a busy first shot for the Altima pilot who later cut off from Anton De Pasquale in Siberia.

Richie Stanaway's hard introduction to Supercars continued, the rookie fell to the tail of the track after a departure on the opening trip after attempting to drive side by side with Simona De Silvestro through Hayshed.

Nick Percat had made a storm, started from the back of the grid and moved five places, while the big mover was Andre Heimgartner, who moved six to be 14 at the end of the first shot.

James Courtney's race ended for round 7, a broken transaxle on No.25 Boost Mobile Mobile 1 Holden leaves the 2010 Series champion without gear. He slammed the car as far as the entrance to the pit rail and parked the car on the grassy edge.

"It would not go anymore!" Courtney told Fox Sports.

"I pulled the lever but no gear drove. We think the last drive or CWP has exploded. That's what it is."

Knowing a safety vehicle was imminent, the teams did not waste time to bring cars in order to avoid double stacking.

Coulthard, van Gisbergen, Mostert, Heimgartner, Pye, Waters and Slade Already immediately.

Race Control called Safety Car moments later, the rest of the leading group goes all the way to the track one step later.

Rick Kelly led the sprint from the pit to take over the lead of race.

McLaughlin took more fuel than the cars around him and was forced to wait for Reynolds and Caruso to pass before he could clear in to leave the pitban.

The other major loser was De Pasquale, after his Erebus teammates and will have to wait for service. After qualifying and driving in the top 10 in the early laps, he would resume in 19th.

It left the top 10 order after the first stops like Kelly, Reynolds, Caruso, McLaughlin, Coulthard, Winterbottom, Whincup, Mostert, SVG and Pye.

Another big winner of the first round of stop was De Silvestro, who had picked at the end of round 6 and used her fresher deck to vault to 14th.

Kelly led the ground when race resumed at round 11, trying to make use of the clear track ahead of the 30 liters of extra fuel he had to deal with compared to McLaughlin's early lead at their final stop.

Whincup tried to pass Mark Winterbottom for sixth in Honda, but instead he found the bottom down to eighth; Frosty dressed outside Honda to have inside of Siberia and kept Whincup high enough to allow Tickford's teammates Chaz Mostert to follow him through.

The margins were stuck between the cars on the front of the ground, the first five cars all split by six to eight tenths of a second.

Further down, the Triple Aight Trio ran at the bottom of the top 10, Whincup and SVG, which led Lowndes who had rounded Pye to MG in round 18.

The order of the two Tickford cars in front they changed a shot later, Mostert appeared during the 200th round of Winterbottom on Honda.

As leaders crossed round 20, Kelly began to expand its margin in front. Reynolds slipped for over two seconds behind Altima, both Caruso and McLaughlin delayed behind him.

Five laps later, this space was closer to three seconds, but Kelly would need closer to five over his pursuers to cancel the extra fuel that I had to take on his last stop.

McLaughlin triggered the last round of round 28, Mostert, Whincup, Lowndes and Waters after him in the course.

None of the Nissansne were able to use enough fuel to make it home if they pitted immediately so Shell Ford could use their fresher tires to subject them both.

Reynolds pitted just a shot later and managed to keep McLaughlin off, but not until they drove side by side of the top of Southern Loop down to Honda.

Kelly pitted from lead at the end of the lap returns to the track that Reynolds and McLaughlin blinked off. Caruso leads to the field next time and returns to the track behind the leading trio.

Reynolds benefit lasted until lap 31.

McLaughlin drew a carbon copy maneuver to the one who raped the leader from Whincup a day earlier siping inside of Reynolds at the top of Southern Loop to remove the effective lead .

Fabian Coulthard led several laps after the leaders were pitted until he also went to the lane on round 33, whereby Van Gisbergen alone on the front of the pitch as the last car to pit.

Whincup and Lowndes last stop waved them in front of the Tickford cars, but the No.1 car did not quite take the pace to keep them away. First, he let Lowndes pass the Doohan corner when Mostert pounced down at Honda to demote him to ninth.

Red Bull HRT waited until round 37 to bring SVG into the lead, Van Gisbergen returns to the track down to 10. But with the best part of a 10-tire tire advantage over each car in front of him.

He wasted no time: he took two laps to select Tander for the ninth before joining Whincup at a rate of one second per second. However, Holdsworth's lean weekend took another negative turn, leading No.18 Holden into the garage with another front splitter problem to add to the three they had on Friday.

He would resume after losing four laps but was back shortly after the team got him back on the last round to be classified as the last finisher in 25th.

Whincup was formulated that SVG arrived at a knot speed, the ruling champ, who went aside into the MG at round 44.

The front of the McLaughlin and Reynolds field remained separated by less than a second, The Erebus pilot held the DJRTP car within easy reach.

Kelly remained almost six seconds behind them in third, with Coulthard two more seconds behind in fourth place, and Caruso a similar distance in fifth.

Winterbottom slipped at Southern Loop on Lap 46 to drop to 13, thus restoring the resurrected Percat on its tail. The BJR pilot spent a handful of turns over the Flask-O Falcon tail before taking a moving stick on the Stoner Corner.

Gisbergen's next scalp was Mostert, who passed Sueprcheap Auto Falcon to seventh on Honda at round 48. [19659003] The battle for the lead was anything but decided as it ran into the last laps where McLaughlin expanded its margin over Reynolds over 1.5 seconds.

The same could not be said of the last podium place.

Coulthard had closed within three lengths of Kelly, who lost more time with a locked brake at MG at round 52.

A few seconds behind them had the fight for fifth compressed van Gisbergen catcher Lowndes, who had caught Caruso.

The Altima driver was sure, but after SVG-loosened Lowndes came through Turn 11.

He allowed and allowed Autobar Holden to reunite in front of him, but they had both lost contact with the Nissan war. 19659003] "If he wanted to stop me, I would let him down!" Lowndes fumed over the radio.

Van Gisbergen wanted to make a moving stick on the outskirts of Siberia a shot away from home, but fell a second short to catch back to Caruso.

As it was McLaughlin cruised for victory six tenths a second in front of Reynolds, with Kelly holding off Coulthard to secure his second podium this weekend.

Mostert was eighth before Whincup, while Garth Tander rounded out the top 10.

Scott Pye, Tim Slade and Percat were next, while Andre Heimgartner also rounded Winterbottom before the end.

The Pasquale was then recovering to 16 after his early double stack with Cam Waters, Jack Le Brocq, James Golding and Richie Stanaway Rounding off the top 20.

Will Davison, The Silvestro, Tim Blanchard, Todd Hazelwood and Holdsworth, 11 laps, were the final classified finishers.

The victory extends McLaughlin's champion marathon to 60 points in front of Reynolds, with Van Gisbergen's third 98 point ts operation.

The championship resumes in two weeks at Perth SuperSprint on the Barbagallo Raceway.



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