Coachella 2018: Beyoncé’s dramatic fall


BEYONCE's return to the iconic Coachella festival has not gone as smoothly as her headlining efforts last weekend.

Queen Bey stunned them on the spot in California and watches a live stream of the show via the internet when she and her sister Solange fell over while performing Get Me Bodied .

When Beyoncé tried to collect her Solange during the song, she accidentally broke his sister before falling over her.

The couple rolled shortly after the scene laughs before continuing with the show with Beyoncé, asking the concert guests to "give it up to my sister".

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Beyoncé was once again reunited Destiny's Child and performed Déjà V u with his rapper husband, Jay Z under his second look at the iconic festival.

The formation singer, 36, dazzled in completely different costumes for her Coachella debut last week, where she made the story of becoming the first African American woman to head the California Festival I.

She sported custom made garments by Balmain, including a hot pink hoodie, denim cut-offs and fringed silver boots – a departure from the yellow tones on Saturday

She entered the deer e on a catwalk wearing an Egyptian inspired capefor "homecoming" theme performance called Beychella.

Beyoncé strutted out about 20 minutes later than her scheduled 11.05 pm start time, with a source revealing she played 10 minutes over 1 am starting budget

One source on the spot said that Coachella's owner, Golden Voice, would be fined $ USD10 .000 ($ 13,000) one minute for the delay … nine years after the festival was fined $ USD,000,000 ($ 70,000) when Paul McCartney went 54 minutes over time at the 2009 festival.

Beyonce's performance was almost identical to Last weekend, with the remarkable admission of special guest, Colombian power plants J Balvin, joining Mi Gente .

She drew a massive audience at Coachella, with the supermodel Kendall Jenner, Hailey Baldwin and Jordyn Woods seen in the crowd.



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