Melbourne coach Simon Goodwin, Anzac Day eve v Richmond Round 5, Demons have to earn fans’ trust


MELBOURNE will continue to struggle to be insignificant until it turns out otherwise, Demon's trainer Simon Goodwin knows.

Goodwin said that the demons have assessed each element in their game after last week's fandsel 67-point belt in their hands – A premier club's chief executive, Pete Jackson, said "waste our brand" – and he has demanded that his players react.



And it will not last until they can deliver consistently that they will be able to draw on the proposal that they can not trust to perform.

"I think it's reality," said Goodwin.

"We are in reality. People can only judge what they see."

"We will always keep the mark until we actually do something about it consistently. It's not for one or two weeks – it's over a period of time.

"We are four weeks into a 22-week season, so I think it's best considered to come by the end of the year."

The demons have been forced to wait nine days to try to remedy the poor who are facing the hackers and face reigning premier Richmond at MCG.

Goodwin said "every phase" of his team approach should be investigated the last days after the "Fallen apart" completely, with players passing through their step in match simulation to strengthen the players the roles he said "disappeared last week ".

"Last week we had a game that did not look like the way we wanted to play," he said.

"Our responsibility as a club is to get it back as quickly as possible and actually start playing the way we want to play. It may take some time, but we look forward to (tonight) and make sure we get it right quite fast. We've had nine days to work on it.

"First of all, we need to get intensity back in the way we play and that's what we hope to do." [19659002] Goodwin said that he also encouraged his players to draw on the Anzac spirit as part of the team's preparation after last week's fade out.

"Mateship is really important to us as a footy club," he said. [19659002] "We need everyone to go about it in a way that looks like something of that spirit.

"We can not go there honor them, but we use part of the spirit they generate within raising our team."



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