Morrison promises responsible budget


Turnbull government delivers 260 million GST summit. USD for the Northern Territory after it has been lost in the latest revenue frame and $ 550 million for remote homes.

With the May 8 federal budget approaching it is also by killing staff at Centrelink call center by 1000 over the next couple of years to reduce the time people are put on hold.

"We can do all of this because we run a strong economy and a responsible budget," Treasurer Scott Morrison told reporters in Alice Springs on Monday.

But a potential center of the budget – personal tax cuts – has been asked by an economist.

Deloitte Access Economics partner Chris Richardson says that the improvement of global and local economies was "raining revenue" on the federal budget, allowing the government a profit earlier than 2020/21 as currently forecast.

Asked about ABC television about personal tax cuts would be a good thing, Richardson said: "No, I do not think that personal tax cuts are needed from the economy's point of view. The economy goes well."

"They are necessary if You want, from a political point of view, "he added.

In his recent quarterly business outlook, Richardson argues the economic gains from mining boom were promised by both the coalition and the labor force.

"It was a mistake in historical proportions – this boom fizzled and left big deficits in its wake," he said.

Opposition leader Bill Shorten said before the government began to make unfinished promises of income taxation, it should exclude the tax increase it causes people who earn less than $ 87,000 a year through an increase in Medicare Levy.

"Work is always an income tax that precedes the liberal" Mr. The short stories told reporters Melbourne.

A survey of medium-sized companies by consultants KPMG also found nearly half to say that personal tax cuts should be on hold until the budget is left in profits while 38 percent said they would come into effect next year.

More than half of the efforts should be prioritized in order to get the government's tax cuts, especially for businesses with a turnover of up to $ 100 million.

For this financial year, a loss of 23.6 billion is expected. although the government's latest monthly financial statement indicates that the budget is running around $ 8 billion better than expected.

Human Rights Minister Michael Keenan says that tens of thousands of people are now out of welfare because the government has been so successful in creating jobs

. "If you are doing a good economy, if you create employment, then it will happen that fewer people will have access to the social security system, and that's what happens," he said.



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