Nashville shooting suspect in custody


The Nashville police have arrested the suspect in the weekend to kill four people at a Waffle House restaurant and finish a hunt that began when the gunman ran empty from scene to nearby forests.

Images submitted online by police showed Travis Reinking, a 29-year-old construction worker suspected of opening fire in the restaurant early Sunday morning, behind a police car. He was looking, had a torn red shirt and dirty blue jeans and had scratches on his shoulder.

"Murderous Travis Reinking is in custody." Arrested for Moments Since "Metro Nashville Police wrote in a Twitter message [19659003] Earlier Monday, the police in the Tennessee capital said a passerby found a blank carrying bag outside the restaurant and that was uncertain whether it was there before or after the shooting and the leading authorities increased their search for Reinking.

Police said they did not know what the sculptor's motive was in open fire in the restaurant's 24-hour chain.

"We do not know why he went into the waffle house," spokesman Don Aaron said.

Asked if shootings were racially motivated because all four killed were black, Aaron said that he did not know.

In Reinking's Hometown of Illinois, the police released incident reports on Reinking from the last couple of years. They showed that he had several meetings with law enforcement about his delusions that people, including singer Taylor Swift, followed him.

During the shooting, the suspect only had a green jacket, which he cut before he went on foot, police said. This jacket contained two clips of ammunition for assaulted rifle used in the shootings, police and school officials said.

The murders in Tennessee's capital were the latest in a number of high-profile mass shots where a gunman used an AR-15 rifle. A nationwide debate on gun control has intensified since February when a former student killed 17 people with an AR-15 at a high school in Florida.



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