barrister Tony Power to lead probe


An annual inquiry about the scandal plagued city of Perth will be led by senior lawyer Tony Power.

Mr. Power, which will be paid almost $ 400,000 – the same level as a court judge will head the query, which has similar powers to a royal commission and reports by May next year.

The investigation will investigate the operations and affairs of Perth City between October 1, 2015 and March 1 this year – a period comprising the last Lord Mayoral election disputed between suspended magistrate Lisa Scaffidi and Councilor Reece Harley.

As part of the study, Mr. Power consider whether there was no good government for the city of Perth, the prospect of making the future good government and any necessary measure to ensure a continued good government.

Mr Power will make the final recommendation as to whether the city council in Perth should be rejected.

City Secretary David Templeman said he hoped that the investigation would allow confidence to be restored in the city's ability to provide good governance.

The question comes before a council meeting tonight, where interim commissioners will debate advisors pay and decide how much Mrs Scaffidi will be paid while suspended.

Under applicable laws, the commissioners are unable to remove Ms Scaffidi from their full payroll, but instead they are limited to reducing it to at least $ 60,000 a year.

Mr. The Templeman said that it was the Commissioner's decision to decide Mrs. Scaffisti's reign of honor, they had been restricted by the local government act by doing so.

"I think the public pub test would be very clear from the view that while the suspension is in place there should be no remuneration," he said.

"We will look at what provisions may be necessary to clarify the situation with the review of the Local Government Act. We will consider this very strongly in the review."

On Twitter, Councilor Steve Hasluck suspended, that he would not accept sitting fees, said he was disappointed with the commissioners to decide.

"I think" pub test "would overwhelmingly show taking seat fees during a suspension period and not performing official tasks is simply wrong," he said. "It's not right for our society and taxpayers."

"We are considered community leaders and, as such, must make good, reasonable and reasonable decisions accordingly. "



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