Melania Trump’s big hat distracts from diplomacy


IRAN's nuclear program, terrorism and US-French relations: Donald Trump and Emmanual Macron had many questions of importance to discuss when they met in the White House.

But the expected American and French leaders' meeting in Washington overnight was distracted by First Lady Melania's hat, which led to a shake in the press package and online.

The large white accessory was comparisons with the black hat Beyonce bar in Formation .

One Twitter user wondered if the First Lady is dropping her own version of Lemonade (she wanted lots of material after President Trumps many alleged violations).

Others compared the statement to the huge headgear popularized by Pharrell Williams, the hatred borne by Olivia Pope, Kerry Washington's character in Scandal, and Jude Law in The Young Pope.

Some thought that her overall outfit was similar to that used by White Lady Funerals, and many noted the color white is a symbol of women's choice.

The first lady's office says the hat is of French-American designer Herve Pierre.

Michael Kors designed the two-piece dress that Mrs. Trump carried to Tuesday's White House arrival ceremony to invite French President Macron and his wife Brigitte Macron.

Trump and Macron will discuss Iran's nuclear agreement, including during their meetings in the White House.

During a press conference from both leaders, President Trump said if Iran resumed its nuclear program, "it will have bigger problems than they have ever had before."

Macron wants Trump to maintain the agreement.

Trump is indecisive, but has called it "a terrible deal."

Although Trump has welcomed Macron to Washington, they have two disagreements to sort through, including Trump's decision to leave the multinational Paris climate agreement. [19659003] While Macron refused Trump to answer a reporter's question as to whether he considered an apology for his personal lawyer Michael Cohen, whose office was overseen by the FBI. Trump called it "a stupid question." Cohen has not been imposed.

French President Emmanuel Macron highlights the close ties between his nation and the United States during his visit to the White House.

Macron stands with President Donald Trump said: "America represents endless opportunities for my country."

He also told Trump that "France shares with your country an ideal for freedom and peace." Macron wondered how the French fought with George Washington during the American Revolution, which made blueprint for cooperation between nations.

The French president, enjoying a closer relationship with Trump than many of his European colleagues, said that France is working with the United States on challenges such as terrorism, North Korea and Iran. 19659003] He is expected to lobby Trump to maintain Iran's nuclear agreement and reconsider the decision to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement.



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