Perth City Council backflip over dawn service parking fines


The city of Perth has withdrawn parking fines issued to participants in Kings Park dawn service after a wave of backlash online.

Participants returning from the morning service, drawing a crowd of more than 35,000 earlier this morning found tickets of $ 200 for parking "in a period forbidden by a sign".

The Council was hit by social media where users accuse to use the service to earn money.

In the afternoon, a spokesman said that tickets were issued to motorists illegally parked in towed areas during the morning's Anzac Day dawn service would be withdrawn.

"The city has contacted the event holder RSLWA to ensure that traffic management plans are clearer for residents and visitors participate in future Anzac Day events in the city," he said.

"It is important to note that several thousand drivers were not fined for illegal parking on roads and trails and only in the exclusion zones were fined fines in view of traffic management plans.

" In the light of the circumstances, fines issued, not enforced. Traffic management plans are an important security measure, as highlighted through recent events abroad, and have been created for the purpose of protecting the public. "

Earlier, Commissioner Lumsden defended the fines with reference to security issues around the event.

" Based on recent world events and Anzac Day is a lot of public gathering, security is a top priority, "said Lumsden in a statement. [19659010] "It should also be noted in view of the spirit and significance of the day parking officers used estimates of hundreds of other drivers illegally parked on roadside and cross roads, and only fined the persons who parked in towed zones as a part of the city's security plans. "

On Facebook, Perth resident Neil Coy, who went to Wednesday morning service, said he was terrified by the" opportunism and greed "of parking officers.

" Instead of helping people interpret c hinged conditions , parking staff were out of sight until the exact start of the day-care service, "he said.

" Cars pulled away from places that had no impact on access to emergency vehicles or the flow of non-existent traffic.

"The one who decided to spring the parking stalls in 2018 has broken a century's tradition for goodwill and community mind in connection with this event. It is immoral."

Lexy Aloia said, "What's with parking fines? Can not you take a break from being greedy in a morning? Bad form City of Perth. "

Others said that the tickets were a shameful monetary trap.

The security fight came after Seven West Media revealed details of a condemning report in the city's plans of mass evacuation, which recommended the installation of sirens to warn people about an emergency.



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