Smallville star Allison Mack ‘recruits for sex cult NXIVM in resurfaced video’


SMALLVILLE actress Allison Mack, allegedly acting as a slave master and recruited women to the cult-like group NXIVM, is seen in a recently revived bizarre video, raving about being a compassionate person praises Lena Dunham, screaming about belonging to a "Women's Empowerment Group".

Fox News reports in the YouTube video titled Allison Mack Q & A – You have asked I answered posted on October 6, 2013, the 35-year-old can be seen in an overgrown garden with an old wooden fence in the background.

The video comes after a Brooklyn look, where she was released on $ US5 million citizens on condition that she filed for house arrest at her parents home in California.

The restored video starts with jazz music and turns into a series of questions and answers, asked and answered by Mack.

"I will be remembered for my pleasure," she says in the video. "I will be remembered for my spirit. I will be remembered for my compassion and my passion."

"I will be remembered for the things that matter to me. I will be remembered for the way I have influenced people. I will be remembered as a woman who was honest and true and happy. Committed. And love. "

Mack continues to praise Jness, a subdivision of NXIVM, that the star is described as a" Women's Empowerment Group. "

" Working for Jness is the most pleasing I have ever done, "she ran and spoke from a green background." It is the most challenging because it consists of work with a group of people who are interdependent. No one is ever punished or told that they are wrong or they are bad. "

A smiling Mack continued:" Working for Jness is the most purposeful and satisfying thing I've ever done. Looking at the women who are in Jness, transforms and evolves completely in a way that's so clean – it's such a privilege.

"Seeing people's lifestyles completely turning 180 degrees when they felt that it was all that they had, and that's all they could do, and then they come through Jness and our society, and It's as a whole. "Life is born of their new experience of themselves."

Mack even insisted the group helps women find themselves after considering possible obstacles in their lives as a painful breakup. [19659004] "Working for Jness is groundbreaking and satisfying and humiliated and wonderful," she said.

However, Mack gave little details about how Jness operates exactly or specifically strengthens women. She urged viewers to continue to ask questions about her life and work with the help of hashtag #AskAllison.

In the video, Mack will later come to Lena Dunham as her whole to be creative "without fear."

She also discusses her favorite snacks, including fried Kabocha squash, her favorite poets as EE Cummings and William Shakespeare and her love for lilies.

This is not the first time Mack has praised Jness in a public platform. In an outdated post on her blog titled Jness Mack described how she has always been "attracted" to women's problems, which forced her to participate in "a female movement."

"A collectively inspiring community of strong, authenticly authorized women to own themselves in a way that has never been seen or understood before?" She wrote. "It sounded like the perfect blend of what I was looking for! So I took the plunge and participated in a weekend workshop and within the first couple of hours I knew I had found my people."

"Many years later, The curriculum guides me through the labyrinth of my inner world that shines on the dark corners of my psychodynamic revealing confusion and insecurities that have prevented the expression of the authentic, powerful woman I have always tried to embody. I embrace so much more by myself and beginning to understand what is required to grow into the vision of our wife. "

Since, associated with her verified Twitter page, the page has been taken down.

Mack used to not be guilty of sex trafficking on Friday after federal prosecutors had said she worked as a slave master who recruited unsuspecting women to the cult-like group led by a man who sold himself as a self-improving guru to the stars.

Keith Raniere, co-founder of NXIVM, is accused of keeping numerous women slaves and branding his initials in their skin.

In March, Mack ran after him when the police took him away from an American villa of $ 13,000 per person. week ($ 13,000) where the couple apparently had hidden.

Prosecutors said Mack demanded women, she recruited to participate in sexual activity with Raniere, who paid Mack in return. [19659004] It was reported that Mack reached singles Kel Ly Clarkson and actress Emma Watson to try to recruit them.

Mack and Raniere face 15 years in prison if they are found guilty, but Mack is said to work on a complaint.

Assistant US lawyer Moira Kim Penza rightly said that "under the cover of female empowerment" Mack "hungry women until they fit the sexual ideals of her accomplices."

NXIVM was founded in 1998 and promoted Ranier's teachings as a kind of mysterious executive coaching designed to help people make the most of life. Enrollees in his Executive Success programs paid well for his advice. The organization also criticized people who looked like a cult.

Last year, the accusations made a new twist where women who were part of a NXIVM subgroup came forward saying they were physically labeled with a surgical tool against their will.

This article was originally published in Fox News and is reissued here with permission



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