Virgin America is taking its final flight


It's one of the world's most beloved airlines, but it's about to disappear forever.

Consistently credited as being one of America's preferred airlines, Virgin America is ready to take its final flight today before being taken over by Alaska Air as part of a $ US2.6 billion deal.

The last two flights will be Virgin America Flight 1182, which is scheduled to depart San Francisco at. 21.30, and Virgin America Flight 1948 is due to fly to Los Angeles at. 222 local time.

Flight 1182 lands will be the airline's last and will occur at. 5.59 on April 25 local time.

"We plan to delight our guests flying on these last two flights with a few surprises," said Alaska Airlines. It is assumed that there will be a special safety production in the flight.

Diehard fans from the airline also plan their own celebrations.

"We need a doorway in the port area before the flight," Frequent flyer Nate Vallier, who owns an airline's IT company, told USA Today .

"We want posters, memorabilia and other swag to be distributed and after the plane gathered in the Alaska Airlines lounge in LAX to bowl to the sunset of the Virgin America brand."

In the morning, all check-in counters, kiosks, signs and street areas marked as Virgin America will disappear from 29 airports around the US and Mexico. Delivery and the aircraft will go later.

Usually passengers love to have airline but not the Virgin airline had a 7/10 rating on Skytrax and was famous for its security video.

Disassembled travelers have flooded social media to pay tribute to the carrier.

Goodbye, Virgin America. You will be missed.



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