Millennial workers favour happiness over money


MILLENNIALS, working to live instead of vice versa, make a change of attitude at workplaces.

A new study has found the money and career success rate lower on the scale of important issues than the balance between work and life, travel and relationships with friends and family.

Social scientist Claire Madden said the results were consistent with his study of what people in their 20s care about.

"Their basic approach to life is different from the older generations," she said. 19659003] "The time when technology gave a lifestyle of convenience and more options than ever before has shaped their prospects."

Madam Madden believes thousands of years have learned important lessons from their parents.

"They have seen older generations focus on career and miss other areas of life," she said. "They do not want to pay the price their older colleagues have paid."

According to Linkedin's successful survey, 65 percent of Australia's success is based on their health and happiness, with more than one-third saying traditional ideas were outdated.

Half of Aussies examined the assessment of working life balance as the key to success, while 57 percent said it was time to spend time with friends and family, 52 percent said it meant the opportunity to travel and 58 percent

Only 36 percent of the population said it was based on gaining professional performance, 17 percent gaining wage increases and only 9 percent that happiness owe more money than friends.



Ms. Madden said that the young do not consider career as their reason to be.

"They are a social generation that places a higher value on relationships, experiencing life now and not just saving up to experience life in retirement."

Lea Fernandez, 26, a graduate architect, is moving from Bronte to the south coast for a better balance between work and life.

"It's less, it's more relaxed and a simple lifestyle," she said.

Botany PR employee Kaila D & # 39; Agostino, 26, do not believe in work is the ultimate goal.

"I think the purpose of life is to be happy and I do not think the money necessarily brings happiness," she said.



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