This Basket Range home takes indoor gardening to the next level


Everyone with an Instagram account knows that indoor plants have a moment, just search for #indoorjungle for further proof.

At Liz and Darryl Hemsley's Basket Range property, houseplants have had their time under indoor spotlights for almost 40 years.

Your underground house at 121 Knotts Rd is like living in a huge glasterarium.

"I have not found a plant that will not grow here," says Liz

The couple acknowledges their four-bedroom house complete with rockeries, fountains and an indoor hammock is different.

"I say to people" thank you for calling it eccentric rather than weird, "says Darryl.

" When we started building, we thought that many houses were boring and they did not use industrial principles like incorporate heavy heavy steels. "

The solid construction of the house is a source of great pride for the couple.

It would also have been worthy of an episode of Grand Designs when they lived in a caravan for four years while they committed to building Sig.

"It was a family project," says Liz. "All of our (four) daughters helped."

"We used to go to Wistow to get all the stones and then we came back and I wanted to start the cement mixer and Darryl would put the rocks.

"We built all the rock work."

Hemsleys sells to move the interstate to be closer to their now grown children.

They hope that anyone from Basket Range's flourishing wine community can be attracted by its quirkiness, maybe even turning it into a basement door.

"The entire district is changing, there are many boutique wine making companies that cut out," says Darryl.

"They need a little money because there is still a bathroom to finish."

The buyer, they buy an idyllic landscape that includes Marmor Hill Spring-fed Damns, a 60 foot waterfall, horse trails and a rooftop terrace .

And as a sweetener, the indoor hammock remains.

121 Knotts Hill Road can be inspected next Saturday, Apri l 28, between 14:00 and 15:00.



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