Two hit after car mounts Sydney footpath


Two pedestrians flew with their lives after being hit by a vehicle that mounted a Sydney gangway after a two-car crash.

Male and female went to Lawson Street in Darlington for dinner on Thursday when a car smashed into the back of another who then mounted the footpath.

Pedestrians had minor lesions on the lower body and were rushed to the hospital in a stable state, NSW Ambulance said.

Ufuk Bozoglu, who owns a kebab shop across the road, ran out to see what happened after he heard a girl screaming.

"I thought it was much worse how she screamed, I thought somebody was dead," Bozoglu told reporters.

"I ran over and the man had a leg in the lower leg and the woman in the upper leg. It was terrible."

Leonard's Advertising Owner Richard Faithorn went to work when he heard a sound he said sounded like construction work.

"So (I heard) the screams," Mr. Faithor told reporters.

"I saw only two people injured and the lady in the car was sitting in the driver's seat."

Mr Faithhorn called triple zero and spectators used the two people who had been hit by the car.

Barista Arya Baskara, working at a local cafe, is washing up when he heard a loud crack followed by screaming.

"I was afraid the lady was screaming and everyone was getting over there," he told AAP on Thursday.

The NSW police said "the incident is not treated as a deliberate act".



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