Woman shocked after restaurant charges extra for grated cheese


Woman shocked by lukewarm restaurant charging

Sitting down to a large bowl of pasta at a nice restaurant is one of many pleasures of life, one that only gets better by the waiter who comes and asks if you want to tear cheese on top.

When food writer Rosie French accepted the offer of parmesan torn over her tagliatelle, she assumed it was all in the meal.

It was only when she got the bill on the trendy Italian diner Ombra in London, she realized that her cheesy addition was not free at all.

She was shocked to find out that she was charged another $ 2.80 (1.50 pounds) to "Parmisan Supplement [sic]".

The Miss shared a picture of the bill on Twitter, writes: "Any thoughts about this" partisan supplement? Was not mentioned to us under the awkward, painfully slow lattice at the table. Would have let her go on, we knew!

Other cheers chimed in to share their disbelief on the charge.

"Good sadness, I have never seen or heard about it," said a person. 19659003] Other people also pointed out the service charge of 12.5 percent, even though there is also a line to add a tip.

"A service fee and a line to add a tip? Cake and eat it, "said one person.

Another suggested that she" take a pen, pull a line through the product, and 12.5% Service fee, adds the amount of money you want to give, and add the new Total. Do not pay more than that. "

Four Seriously Damaged in Sydney Crash

Four people suffered serious injuries and a person is in critical condition after a crash in Sydneys southwest southwest. [19659003] Emergency services were called to the junction between Waterloo and Rawson Roads in Greenacre around. 10.30 in Thursday.

A black Lexus and a gray hatchback collided, which meant that a female passenger from the hatchback was thrown out of the vehicle. [19659003] She suffered head injury and is in critical condition.

Passengers in the Lexus car, two men and a woman were caught for a period before being freed. All three are in severe condition with head and abdominal pain.

Police investigate the circumstances of the crash and mandatory blood samples will be taken from all parties involved for testing.

Drivers are advised to avoid areas such as traffic Deviations are in place.

  Police investigate the accident scene.

Police investigate the accident scene. Source: Delivered




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