Vic not ruling out total drink drive ban


Victoria has refused to exclude prohibiting motorists from having alcohol in their system during a breakdown of dangerous behavior behind the wheel.

New laws that come into force on Monday mean that drivers blowing between 0.05 and 0.069 will lose their license for at least three months.

They will also be forced to have an interlock device mounted for six months after getting back on the road.

In spruging the new laws, the state's transport accident said the Commission said driving skills begin to weaken at a blood alcohol level of 0.02.

When asked whether the government will consider prohibiting drivers from drinking at all, the Secretary of State Luke Donnellan said "we will make further inquiries about it".

"It's part of our road safety initiatives that we will look at these issues," he told reporters Friday.

Under the new laws, people caught behind the wheel under the influence of alcohol or drugs will have to complete a behavioral program am.

First-time drug drivers will also lose their license for six months, up from three, with repeated offenders forced from the road for a year.

The measures will also include drivers coming from interstate.

"Everyone affected by drugs and alcohol will have the same rules, whether you're a Victorian license at the time or when you get in a treasury and want to get a Victorian license," said Mr Donnellan . [19659003] Melbourne woman Karen Robinson, whose 25-year-old son Ben died during drunk driving in Ballarat in 2009, welcomed the changes.

"Unfortunately, my son was a repeated traffic crash, he had done it (drinking) many times over a 10-year period," she said.

Ms Robinson called drivers who are considering getting behind the wheel while they are affected by drugs or alcohol to stop and think.

"Think of your loved ones. You really do not want them to organize your funeral. That's the worst thing that could happen to your family," she said.



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