5000 golden snapper released into Darwin waters will help researchers discover more about the species’ development


They are one of the northernmost territories' most award winning fish, but the 500 golden snapper fingers released in the Darwin Waterfront Lagoon are strictly without borders.

The labeled fish is part of a study to learn more about how the species evolves. Fish ministry Ken Vowles said the fish was dropped in the lagoon – where fishing is forbidden – so they could be collected again later.

"It's about research here because it's a closed environment. We can look at how they grow, how they can handle this environment," he said.

Mr. Vowles said that the scaredy cat swimmers do not have to be afraid of the fish – golden snapper is bound dwellers and won & # 39; Do not bite people. Another 4500 – that can be captured – has been released to the port. The harbor fingers have visible external tags. Fishos, who roll in, are asked to report them to the Amateur Fisherman's Association of NT or through the NT Fishing Mate app.

Mr. Vowles said the information would help determine whether golden snapper can be produced and released on artificial reef for recreational fishing.

"Golden snapper is a favorite with fishos," he said. "This has led to the species being classified as overfishing in the Darwin area."

To find out what to do when catching a labeled fish, visit http://www.nt.gov.au/marine/recreational-fishing



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