David Koch told to pull head in by Seven bosses over AFL outburst


DAVID Koch's role as president of AFL club Port Adelaide has put him in conflict with his employer Channel 7 in a week's controversy.

Koch's thorny claims are being tested when his club did not refuse to file the case against Seven for what it claims was unfair reporting of an incident involving a football player in recent weeks.

Koch fueled the fire with an extraordinary outbreak of AFL over his handling of the case – before the risk of his boss's annoyance by appearing on rival network Channel 9 on Thursday night.

The Herald Sun reports that Koch, currently on vacation, has been "asked to pull his head in" out of seven.

Furore stems from an alcoholic incident at a nightclub in Adelaide that involved Power midfielder Sam Powell-Pepper.

Powell-Pepper was beaten with a three-match ban on his dreamed behavior at the end of the evening, as AFL also said involved in "in touch with a woman."

Portman Keith Thomas accused seven of inflamed the situation and risk damage to the mental health of his player by reporting it as a sexual assault.

Thomas refused to place Koch in an awkward situation even though his employer became publicly targeted by his club.

Koch raised the effort by declaring war on AFL and claimed that Power-Pepper was a victim of the league's attempt to rebuild his reputation with women as a result of the leadership of League commissioners Simon Lethlean and Richard Simkiss over their affairs with junior colleagues .

Koch accused AFL of "killing a child and trying to rebuild their reputation" in a statement that rival president Eddie McGuire said "will cause a major explosion".

Sunrise was then selected to continue its attack by appearing on Nine's Footy Show on Thursday evening.

AFL's CEO Gillon McLachlan said there was no bad blood between the AFL and Port Adelaide over the examination of the investigation despite Koch's anger.

"I think David was emotional and feel clear that he protects his player and his club," said McLachlan.

"I totally disagree and reject some of the things he said. (But) football is a passionate emotional business and I do not take any of it personally."

If Channel 7 feels the same, is another case.

– with AAP



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