North Korean media hails summit with South


North Korea's state news agency has called the Inter-Korean summit a turning point for the Korean peninsula, while US President Donald Trump says he will maintain a pressure on Pyongyang in front of his own unprecedented meeting with Kim Jong Un.

North KCNA news agency Saturday separately launched the joint statement North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un and South Korean president Moon Jae-in presented Friday after the first summit for more than a decade between the two Koreans.

Kim and Moon had committed themselves to work for "complete denuclearization" of the Korean peninsula and agreed on a common goal of a "nuclear free" peninsula.

"During the negotiations, both sides had an honest and frank exchange of views on mutual concern, including the issues of improving relations between the north and south, securing peace on the Korean peninsula and the half-throat of the peninsula," said KCNA, and reported at night packed with a dinner with an "a micable atmosphere crowded with emotions of blood-related people."

One day after the meeting of the South Korean media, striking scenes from the two leaders were played and North Korea's largest government magazine published a multi-page spread with more than 60 images from

On Saturday afternoon, North Korean state television broadcasted its first admission of the summit.

The statement became vague, but optimistic praise from world leaders, including Trump, who said Friday that only time would tell, but that he did not think Kim was "playing".

Trump still told reporters that he would hold pressure on North Korea and "do not repeat mistakes from previous administrations".

On Saturday, Trump told Twitter that he "had a long and very good conversation with the presidential moon in South Korea." It's very good time and place for meeting with North Korea. "

On Saturday in Sydney Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull Trump presented negotiations on North Korea and said he helped bring the two Korean leaders together.

"I've given him the credit because Donald Trump has taken a very strong and hard line on the problem of denuclearization and he has been able to bring support from the global community and especially China," Turnbull said. "North Korea's economic conditions are overwhelming with China. And then China's readiness to impose these sanctions has been the critical change that has put pressure on North Korea."

Turnbull said that the pressure from China and the United States had brought Kim to it point where the Korean peninsula was characterized. [19659003] "What we have to do now is not dependent on the economic pressure until the goal is reached," he said.

Iran, facing a possible US exit from its nuclear power with world powers, welcomed the Inter-Korean summit, but said Washington was not a "qualified" partner in the negotiations.

"The US government is not a credible actor, does not fulfill its international obligations and does not qualify to participate in events between countries," Qasemi added.

An editorial in the official China Daily on Saturday said that denuclearization could end hostilities between the two sides and "launch a new era of development" on the peninsula, but noted the Friday Declaration was missing a plan to reach Goa I.

"The Pentecostal Declaration, written in the Panmunjom Declaration, is only a perspective without any specific plan. This is because such specifications can only be reached between the United States and North Korea, and South Korea has limited authority only to negotiate," he said.



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