Sydney FC vs Melbourne Victory, A-League finals: Terry Antonis brain snap


ABSOLUTELY madness turned the entire A-League season on head when Sydney FC got a dramatic last life in the A-League Grand Final Qualifier at Allianz Stadium.

Following 2-1 with 15 seconds left, Sydney was given a lifeline when victory star Terry Antonis struck a weak cross into the back of his own net.

It saw the two bitter rivals head for extra time locked at 2 -2.

Just seconds earlier, Sydney's season over domination seemed to be sucker punched by Victory.

Sky Blues looked turned out. The Fox Sports commentators knew it. The fans knew it. Sydney FC players knew it.

But in one of the cruelest moments ever occurred in Australian football, Victory star and former Sydney FC midfielder Terry Antonis turned the ball in the back of his own net.

From there It was pure pandemonium when the whole season was hit on the head.

Sydney FC had peered the Victory goal in the last five minutes of the added time but they were beaten Adrian Mierrzejewski got a loose ball into the six yard box after scrambling to stop it crossing the city line.

His ball went straight to Antonis, who cleared it just his own goal with not a single Sydney FC jersey anywhere near him in the penalty area.

There had been only 15 seconds left before the referee would have called full time.

It left football commentators anesthetized.

"Oh, it's so terrible for Melbourne Victory," said Fox Sports Simon Hill. "19659003]" Remarkable drama with last game in the game. "[19659003] Fox Sports" Adam Peacock said that the Melbourne Victory fans in away followers the bay was in "disbelief."

"They are in disbelief. They can not understand what has just happened.

Victory had more than one foot in the finale after taking a 2-1 lead for extra time.

Sydney FC's Ben Warland delivered almost a dramatic equalizer to Sky Blues after 93 minutes when his bodywatch dumped into the crossbar when keeper Lawrence Thomas's feet were rooted to the grass and his heart in the mouth.

Warland got an even better opportunity in 94 minutes when he had an indefinite header inside the six-yard box but sent his headline wide by the long post.

It looked like it was – but with 15 seconds left Antonis had a choke.

Victory had already fought back from 1-0 to take the lead.

Sydney FC led through an early own goal by Stefan Nigro until Kevin Muscat's side responded with efforts by Kosta Barbarouses and James Troisi.



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