Amber Rudd resigns as UK Home Secretary


British Secretary of State Amber Rudd has resigned after Prime Minister Theresa May's government is criticizing the treatment of long-term Caribbean residents who were mistakenly labeled illegal immigrants.

A spokesman for May was not immediately available for comment on Sunday evening but a British government official who spoke on condition of anonymity confirmed a BBC report that Rudd had resigned.

For two weeks, British ministers have struggled to explain why some descendants of the so-called "Windrush Generation" invited to Britain to connect shortages between 1948 and 1971 had been labeled as illegal immigrants.

The Windrush scandal overshadowed the Commonwealth Summit in London and raised questions about Maize's six-year stint as Minister of the Interior before becoming prime minister in the wake of the 2016 Brexit referendum.

Rudd, 54, had faced repeated calls from the opposition Labor Party to retire after she gave contradi tales about whether the government had targets for deportations.

The Guardian newspaper presented a letter from Rudd to May last year in which she stated an ambitious but achievable goal of an increase in enforced expulsion of immigrants.

After repeated challenges with her testimony of immigration immigrants, Rudd called Sunday on Sunday and offered her resignation, which was accepted, the source said.

A replacement will probably not be announced this evening, said another source.

The government has apologized for the failure, promised citizenship and compensation to those affected, including for people who have lost their jobs, threatened with expulsion and denied benefits due to the mistakes.

However, the controversy about policies that May is closely linked to has raised awkward questions about how the pursuit of lower immigration after Britain's 2019 exit from the EU coincides with the desire to be an outgoing global economy.

Rudd, one of the most pro-EU senate ministers in the maize cabinet, was appointed secretary of secretary in July 2016.

May apologize for the black community on Thursday in a letter to The Voice, Britain's National Afro-Caribbean newspaper.

"We have struck you down and I'm very sorry," she said. "But excuses alone are not good enough. We must address this historical error immediately."

The crisis has focused attention on May, as Minister of Foreign Affairs set up to create a "truly hostile environment" for illegal immigrants who impose strenuous new demands in 2012 for people to prove their legal status.

Rud's resignation comes close to four months after another, and her then senior minister, Damian Green, was forced out of his job to lie if he knew that pornography was found on computers in his parliamentary office.



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