F1 Azerbaijan Grand Prix 2018 live: race results, updates


LEWIS Hamilton has been victorious after a chaotic race during the Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

The British had struggled to find its trick in 2018, but managed to avoid the bloodbath in what was one of the craziest races ever seen.

For Red Bull, it was a day to forget when both Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen crashed into the final stages of the race.

Ricciardo reprimanded after Red Bull crash

Red Bull drivers Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen have both been formally reprimanded by Formula 1 stewards after colliding at the Grand Prix in Azerbaijan on Sunday.

The couple fought for all races in fourth place until 40, when Ricciardo tried to take over the Verstappen on the horror straight.

Ricciardo crashed into his teammate when Verstappen hit the brakes to turn. Both were forced out of the run to the embarrassment of their Red Bull team. The incident led out of the safety car, which helped Lewis Hamilton gradually win for further incidents.

Race director Charlie Whiting says "you could say that both drivers could have done a little better" in comments before the judgment was announced.

In the dog house, the Red Bull couple turned up, says team manager

Red Bull team clerk Christian Horner said his drivers Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen was "in the dog house" and has been charged with apologizing for all employees after their breakdown on Sunday's Grand Prix in Azerbaijan.

"They both acknowledge that they turned up today and want to apologize for the team and all members of the team," said Horner, who was left speechless immediately after the pair crashed in the last rounds of Sunday's chaotic race won by defending the world champion Lewis Hamilton.

"We allow them to drive and allow them to drive the wheel. We spoke to them in team meetings to give each other space.

" This was the culmination of two guys who took things in their own hands, which should not have happened. "

" There were probably three events between them throughout the course. They touched the wheels and were told to calm it down.

"We do not want to mix them with the wheel. We do not distinguish the blame in one way or the other, but they are both guilty of this."

"Our intention is to keep them running, but They must show respect and give room. They have been reminded that they are part of a team, they are highly paid individuals with the team's interest in the heart.

"The message was delivered very clearly. They are both in the dog house. They apologize for all staff before Barcelona."

Hamilton wins the Red Bull crash

Comfortable is the craziest race in the early F1 2018 season has been taken out of Mercedes & Lewis Hamilton. [19659002] An incredibly bizarre end to the race so the drivers are sitting behind the carriage before releasing with less than five laps.

Sebastian Vettel chanced his luck on reboot, but initially went too fast and locked up and fell back to fourth.

Valtteri Bottas looked so on his way to victory, but unfortunately ran a piece of dirt on the track that broke his backdrop together with his chances on the points.

All chips dropped Way of Hamilton, crossing the line for its 63th Grand Prix victory

in front of Ferrari's Kimi Raikkonen and Force India's Sergio Perez.

The winner waves Hamilton back to the top of the drivers rankings of 70 points, four points ready o f. Vettel.

Sauber's Charles Leclerc was awarded today's lead to his phenomenal drive, which saw him crossing the line in sixth position.

The race was best summed up by Sky Sports & Martin Croft.

"What a crazy chaotic race," said Croft.

Of course, the race did not run according to plan for Daniel Ricciardo and Red Bull when both drivers were wiped out in a nightmare collision.

After two previous attendances, the teammates did not blow long after their respective pit stops.

When Max Verstappen went down the line Daniel Ricciardo closed at high speed and seemed to turn down on the inside just for Verstappen to switch from right back to left and close the door to the assault. [19659002] The momentum carried by Ricciardo led him into the back of his teammate and forced both drivers out.

It's not going to be a happy camp in the Red Bull debrief.

Many pointed at Ricciardo just after the incident, but after repetition, consensus turned to blame Verstappen for a double movement.

Red Bull's boss Christian Horner was not in the mood to speak when he was confronted with Sky Sports journalists after the accident.

"I & # 39; I have no comments to do before I've talked to the drivers," said Horner.

When Horner came up the stairs into the debrief room, it was noticed that he "shook with anger".

Helmut Marko, Red Bull adviser, was not happy with the drivers and guaranteed that it would not happen again.

"I do not care who to blame. Both drivers must have enough brains to avoid such an accident. We will take steps to ensure that it does not happen again," Marko noted.

"It was a racer accident between the two. There is no more mistake on one side or another."

This might be another strike against the Red Bull team in their hopes to lure Ricciardo back when his contract expires in the late 2018 F1 season.

Spoken after the race, Verstappen remained diplomatic about the events that were unfolded.

"It's really disappointing for the team, we lost many points today unnecessarily," says Verstappen.

"I do not think we should talk who is guilty at the end of the day. We run for the team.

When asked if the team should have interjected earlier to tell him to let Ricciardo pass, explained Verstapse again that it would not matter.

"The drag was very strong as soon as he was ahead I caught up. We were fairly uniform speeds, and we were always pretty close to each other, "he said.

" Before it was hard racing, but it was fair. We gave each other space, of course we had a small brush with the wheels. I think in the race that can happen. "

Later, Red Bull Racing seemed to calm down enough to send this to Twitter:

What Happens

The carriage was out for a long time of The time thanks to the fact that Red Bull came together and Romain Grosjean tucked in the wall behind the safety van.

When the race ran back with less than five laps, the chance continued.

When drivers drove their head straight and at first, Sebastian Vettel made the bold move inward just to lock the brakes and run wide.

Allows Valtteri Bottas, Lewis Hamilton and Kimi Raikkonen to pass him.

So much next shot and with lead in his hand, Bottas was a piece of waste and then, when his rear right tire was torn to rifter.

Finally Ricciardo makes it

After three tries, Daniel Ricciardo finally made his way past his teammate Max Verstappen. The two previous trials ended almost in disaster when Verstappen refused to let Ricciardo take space and cause the two drivers to bump into each other.

Valtteri Bottas still, although he has not yet got a pit, from Sebastian Vettel, who is in charge of Lewis Hamilton for seven seconds.

"What the hell?"

Daniel Ricciardo flies round the Baku track and weaves as the biggest chance Red Bull has on landing on the podium but Max Verstappen wins [19659002] In two separate cases, the Red Bull teammates have hit each other as Ricciardo tries to bypass his younger German counterpart.

After winning the races fastest time, Ricciardo outside Verstappen only complained to him in the narrowest margins around two.

The problems have also continued in 2018 for Fernando Alonso and his McLaren team as former world champion languishes in 12th position and does not look like a threat to get into the points.

Hamilton's Monumental Error

Mercedes star Lewis Hamilton pumped lightning fast fast times and was looking to close the gap on race leader Sebastian Vettel when he pushed it too hard.

On the way to the first trip, Hamilton went wide and unfortunately lost all the hard work he had put in and was forced into pits.

Vettel leads as the race runs over half way in front of Valtteri Bottas, Hamilton, Mas Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo in fifth.

It does not belong there

As drivers drove around the Baku track, viewers had to make a note of former driver David Coulthard.

And believe it or not he was not It's not fun. There was actually a huge branch from a tree sitting on one of the straights. The father had not been picked up by the marshalls track.

  Now it's not something you see everyday.

Now it's not something you see everyday. Source: Delivered

Ricciardo loses reboot

When Sebastian Vettel kept the whole field in check, he ignited reboot and flew away from rival Lewis Hamilton.

Daniel Ricciardo resisted his teammate Max Verstappen through the first corner but as they walked towards the other Verstappen dived inside, the movement forced Ricciardo wide enough to allow Force India's Carlos Sainz to fifth.

Vettel builds his hole on the front, which has now risen to over two seconds from Hamilton, another four seconds ready from team mate Valtteri Bottas.

Opening Lap Carnage

Baku's narrow streets have claimed several victims at the first step in Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

When the lights went out of the cars on the front of the net, everyone was probably gone, but it was in the middle and the latter of the grid where it was all pear-shaped. [19659002] Ferrari's Kimi Raikkonen was heavily involved when he seemed to take the inside of Esteban Ocon, unfortunately they beat the two, and Ocon is now out of the race.

Before the collision, Williams Sergey Sirotkin ran into the back of a Force India and the injury has also forced him out.

Fernando Alonso also took a double puncture and was forced into the pitfalls, sure he was not happy.

"What a stupid guy! He closed the door. We were side by side, I do not understand," Alonso said over the team radio.

A shot over and security has already been implemented.

& # 39; I want to suck you & # 39;

Daniel Ricciardo has backed his thoughts about the Valtteri Bottas finish to the Bahrain Grand Prix, where he finished second to Sebastian Vettel.

Bottas did not try to overcome Vettel when they two ran against the flown flag and fresh out of an overtaking champion class, Ricciardo has stood by his thoughts.

"He is close enough. Yes, sure. Definitely – come on son!" Ricciardo said about sky sports.

"I do not say he would have got it stuck, but have a crack, son."

His thoughts were sent before the race started and when he tried to chat with him online, Aussie delivered a classic one-liner.

Ricciardo was deeply in conversation with a member of his team and had no distraction in a potential interview.

A second before I sucker strikes you, "Ricciardo quipped.

Ricciardo hopes to repeat 2017

One of the most memorable races on 2017 F1- The calendar took place on the streets of Baku last year during the Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton were blowing when the Ferrari driver proclaimed that Lewis had "slowed my test."

After a small bump and then a possible red flag, the race was over when Aussie took advantage of rebooting. [19659002] With Felipe Massa, Nico Hulkenberg and Lance Stroll in a quick maneuver, Ricciardo began his release to victory.

When Hamilton was forced to pit after his head restrained cow m lost and with Vettel was handed a 10-second stop-go penalty, the management was assigned to Ricciardo.

He hopes the chips will fall when the green lights go out on Sunday evening (AEST) in Baku.

Raikkonen and Real Threat

Kimi Raikkonen woven big on his last qualified shot and seemed to overturn his Ferrari team mate Sebastian Vettel.

An expensive mistake destroyed that shot and held him in sixth place on the starting grid, but he still wakes up in Azerbaijan.

As he did not have an extra set of tire tires delivered for qualification, Raikkonen ended his run on ultrasound, which means he will start race on them.

Of the six best drivers on the net, the Finnish superstar is the only one with the different tires and will give him the fast advantage through the early parts of the race.

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff believes the difference could allow Ferrari to take some risks with Raikkonen.

"Absolutely," said Wolff in an interview with motorsport.com .

"I think he's on another deck – the question is, how long can he get out.

" But if you imagine there's a really big chance for a safety car in the early lanes so they could go on a harder deck and drive to the end, which is a bold strategy. "

" If you are in a position like him you can take risks and these risks may sometimes pay off.

Make sure that Raikkonen flies out of blocks and catches his rivals.

Mercedes responds to the hand grenade

  The pressure is on Mercedes. (AP Photo / Luca Bruno)


Toto Wolff says Lewis Hamilton stays fired for Formula 1 when the Mercedes boss gave a relaxed response to Bernie Ecclestone's " hand grenade "world champion.

Ecclestone, F1's former CEO, started another time this season in Baku and said in an interview with Sky Sports News that while Hamilton was" still very fast, still super talented, still a super guy guy, "the world champion might be" not racing he was "after a winless start of the season.

But a terrible Wolff told reporters:" It's Bernie! I just had a game of backgammon against him and I lost.

"He comes in and throws a hand grenade, and it's in the papers – that's good."

"How the news is running these days, we swing between excursion and depression and back again and when things are not going in the right direction, it's a Judgment Day and when winning two races in a row, it's" Mercedes's dominance destroys the sport. "Maybe it's somewhere in the middle." [19659002] The Mercedes boss said that the World Champions as a whole did not hit their highest standards so far to have gone three races without victory for the first time in over four years.

"We have not done collectively at the level we would have liked," he added. "There were three races we could have won, and we did not."

"I still see the fire and want to burn him a lot (Hamilton)."

Wolff added: "Lewis is remarkably easy with these kinds of things. We respect very much Bernie, but we also learned to take the comments with a smile. It's the same as he does."

Hamilton rejected that discuss Ecclestone's comments when asked about them at the after-qualifying press conference. Then he asked if he was as good as ever, the world champion answered: "See you at the end of the year."

The Englishman returned Mercedes to the front of the net for the first time in three races in Saturday's qualifying hours, which the world champions took impressive from a Friday in Baku, which, according to Wolff, had seen them "nowhere" in the leading order.

Valtteri Bottas qualified third in the sister car to give the team their best two-year qualifying results of the season so far.

James Galloway, Sky Sports




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