Giants score grand final revenge against Lightning, Kim Green makes emotional return to netball


It was 10 months to make and it ended with tears for a stalwart of Australian netball and one of its most promising young talents.

Returning Captain Kim Green, 32, remarked that Giants hung their 2017 big finals against the hands of Sunshine Coast Lighting in the opening round Super Netball on Sunday as "so sweet."

Team mate Kristiana Manu, 22, described her and Greens expected return to court from injury as "so amazing."

Both tore down as the reality of Manu as 18 months travel back from an Achilles injury and Greens 13 month fight to be the best after the knee surgery sank.

"It was really special. Kristiana and I were in rehab for a very long time," said an emotional green.

"So it's a big win for both of us. It's happy tears. Very happy."

The 54-51 victory gave the coach Julie Fitzgerald success in his 300th championship milestone, while securing Giant's early favoriteism for the war in 2018.

Dominating Lightning for most of the game, the giants also make the bigmire between the two best teams in 2017 with their second win from four matches with Lightning.

It was also Sydney's biggest biggest winning margin over the Geva Mentor leader champions who believed Giants 65-48 in last year's Super Netball Decider.

Under new bonus points rules introduced to Season 2 by Super Netball, the giants secured six points (four for the victory and one point each for their two winning quarters) with Lightning heading north with two points after cutting into Giants in second and fourth periods.

While the hunters entered the game strengthened by returning to the court of Green and Potential Diamond's Defender Manu, Lynn was opposed to the right minus the Mercurial mid court marshall, former silver Fern Laura Langman.

And with the Grand Final redemption on their mindset, the virgins came intentionally and led five goals midway through the first period before the end of the first quarter 15-12.

They were more ebbs and flow to Giants in the second period, with the hosts opening a four goal before before half finished again with two – 27-25.

By three quarters, Giantsne had racked a four-goal lead (42-38) before they run three goals winners.

Giants circle defender Bec Bulley was named player match with Diamonds sharpshooter Susan Pettitt nabbing 21 from 28 goals and English team mate Jo Harten scored 33 from 36 to the Jews.

Diamonds and Lyn Captain Caitlin Bassett netted 36 from 41 while teammate Steph Wood scored 15 from 16.



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