Broadcaster sued by Wagner family


BROADCASTER Alan Jones has been accused of a number of extraordinary and basic attacks on one of Queensland's most prominent families on the opening day of his defamatory trial.

The Toowoomba-based Wagner family claims the talkback radio story over comments he made under 32 broadcasts in 2014 and 2015.

Most were made at stations 2GB and 4BC while one was made on Jones & # 39; Sky News TV Program

Tom Blackburn SC told the Brisbane Supreme Court Monday that his clients, the four Wagner brothers, had been exposed to an extraordinary attack from Australia's most influential broadcaster.

Mr Blackburn said Jones Jones obsessively accused the family of being responsible for 12 deaths in Grantham during the 2011 floods when one of the walls of a Lockyer Valley quarry owned it collapsed.

"All his claims, including this, were accompanied by another message: the applicants are cruel, selfish and lawless people who pursue their goals through corruption, chronism, intimidation and crime," he told the court.

"It will be our speech at the end of this case that here is not an ounce of evidence of the serious allegations made by Mr. Jones."

Mr Blackburn said that Jones also used his broadcasts to accuse the Wagner brothers to engage in a "high level cover-up" with then Queensland premier Anna Bligh and Deputy Prime Minister Wayne Swan.

"These claims have been dropped a lot recently," he said.

The court heard that Jones had left the defense of the truth with regard to several of the allegations. [19659003] Mr. In spite of this, Blackburn said there was no excuse and the broadcaster had maintained that the Wagner family had engaged in lies, intimidation and coverage, not just those involved in politicians.

Mr. Jones's attorney did not submit an opening statement but the court heard that his client also intended to trust honest opinion as a defense.

The experiment is expected to run several weeks.



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