‘Cannibal artist Arthur Berzinsh hits back at critics


& # 39; Cannibal & # 39; artist cracks critics

The crazed performance artist who cut meat from two assistants' bodies before stepping it into a pan and feeding it to them has returned to criticism of his "poetic" art.

Arthur Berzinsh, 33, was slammed and attracted to complaints of disgusted viewers who said that he crossed the line and labeled him a "freak".

He called his critics "trivial" and said that the view of cannibalism was the "strong men of war" should trigger self-reflection. "

He said," We live at a time when we are overloaded by information. There is nothing that surprises us more. So the impulse must be even stronger to reach a person's mind.

"Cannibalism in our mind is associated with violence – horror film, murder, etc."

Berzinsh who loves to line the line of what is and is not & # 39; It was not acceptable, said there was nothing wrong with people who ate their own cooked meat – previously, he compared it to biting his nails.

The 33-year-old artist started the performance called & # 39; Eschatology & # 39; – March 6th at a stylish museum in the capital Riga.

Leading shooting shows Berzinsh pulling on a white forensic diet before approaching two assistants with a scalpel.

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  Berzinsh was branded and "freak & # 39; for his achievements. Image: Arthur Berzinsh / YouTube

Berzinsh was labeled a "freak" for his performance. Image: Arthur Berzinsh / YouTube Source: YouTube

Whale watching season kicking off to NSW

Today is the official start of the whale season, with tens of thousands of whales expected to make the annual journey up the Australian coastline over the coming weeks and months.

Last year more than 30,000 humpback whales moved from cold Antarctica feed water to warm breeding areas in Australia's north, NSW National Park and Wildlife Service said.

The whale watching season runs from the beginning of May to the end of November and among the whales that are expected to make the trip will likely be Migaloo, the famous white knee bag that first made headlines after being seen in 1991 out for Byron Bay.

  Migaloo is expected to make the journey up the NSW coastline this season. Picture: Jonas Liebschner / Whale Watching Sydney.

Migaloo is expected to make the journey on the NSW coastline this season. Picture: Jonas Liebschner / Whale Watching Sydney. Source: Delivered

Pell Back in Court of Appeals Decision

Cardinal George Pell returns to a Melbourne court this morning where a referee will announce whether he should

The 76- year-old will arrive at the Melbourne Magistrates Court, where the decision is expected to be delivered at. 10:00. The hearing is expected to last about one and a half hours, which is unusual for this type of court decision.

Pell, who waived his position as the Vatican's treasurer to fight the charges, faced a four-week request in March to decide whether he will be a lawsuit.

During the hearing, the defense repeatedly attacked the police investigation of Pell, which began in March 2013, before a crime was reported. In April, the defense and prosecution returned to the Melbourne Magistrates Court for further legal arguments. Pell was excused from attending.

Attorney General Robert Richter QC claimed that Pell had been targeting his leading position in the Catholic Church and suggested that some of the allegations were the product of imagination, mental problems or pure invention.

But the crown prosecutor Mark Gibson SC said that the defense attack on the complainants credibility was no more than "a conflict in the evidence" as it was up to a jury to decide.

  The Australian Cardinal George Pell will return to court this morning. Image: Riccardo De Luca / AP

Australia's Cardinal George Pell returns to court this morning. Image: Riccardo De Luca / AP Source: AP



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