Essendon might regret re-signing John Worsfold so early in year, says Robert Walls


CARLTON premiership great Robert Walls believes Essendon could have become the latest AFL club to quickly rewrite a senior coach before the end of his original contract.

Essendon coach Worsfold was originally signed until the end of 2018 season. However, the bombers at the end of March announced that Worsfold had signed a two-year contract extension that binds him to bombers until the end of the 2020 season.

But the Worsfold brigade has shown a weak start to their 2018 campaign, falling to 14 on the ladder with a 2-4 record.

Walls, who coached 156 VFL / AFL games, suggested that bombers could regret their decision to rewrite Worsfold so early in the year.

"I'm always careful that the coaches have contracts extended when their current contract has not come through – and that was the case with John Worsfold, and that's the case with many coaches," Walls told Fox Sports News AFL tonight .

"Clubs, they get a little nervous. But, honestly, there are not too many clubs to have their coaches poached."

"I think they fall for the trap to expand contracts, and they say "It takes pressure from the club, it takes the pressure from the coach. But if the coach does not get results, you can get massive payouts."

Walls' comments became the echo of Mark Robinson on

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