How to keep kids comfortable on flights


Nobody likes to feel stiff and uncomfortable in economy class during long flights.

And especially for small children whose discomfort can make flight difficult for their parents – as well as everyone else on the plane .

But there's a way to fly a lot more on luxurious and comfortable for kids, hopefully keeping them happy and calm in the process.

And it involves a product of $ 5 Kmart, you probably would not expect to buy for your kids – a fleece expensive bed.

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The clever idea was shared on the Facebook group Bondi Babies by a plane who saw a family using a pet bed on a flight.

"I'm a helper and just have three small kidlets," wrote the air traffic controller.

"She bought three soft dog beds ($ 5 Kmart) as a comfortable pillow.

" The soft padded piece around the edge softened hard armrests, buckles, etc., and also served as a pillow and rest.

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"It was a winner! Perfect for airlines that do not allow BedBox / Fly Tot etc. . "

Expensive actions like Fly Tot, JetKids BedBox, Fly LegsUp, Plane Pal and other devices promising to make flight more enjoyable for children

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