The 23-year-old man trapped in toddler’s body


MANPreet Singh is actually 23 years old.

The manpower suffers from a mystery that saw him cease to grow about a year old and let him catch a baby's body.

Only 60 cm tall and weighing less than 5 kg can the young man from Mansa in the northwestern Indian state Punjab not go, can only speak a few words, such as "maa" (mother) and "mom" (Uncle), and should be worn everywhere.

"Manpreet giggles like a little child and rarely gets bored of it." Manpreet's uncle Karanvir Singh, 45, told Deccan Chronicle .

"It's only when the dogs or any other animal makes a sound, he gets scared and cries. He is a lovely child and travels the guests with his hands to sit and try to liberate them."

Mr. Singh and his wife Lakhwinder Kaur took their nephew after his parents, Majeet and Jagtar could no longer pay their medical expenses.

The locals in his adopted home grow Manpreet as a god and regularly come to their homes to receive blessings from him. Videos show a steady stream of devoted kneeling before the Manpreet, while he suddenly clings them on his head.

"Manpreet loves milkcake and eats roti. He loves his morning and eats only one or two rots a day without any harm," said Kaur.

"Although he speaks only in monosyllables like" # 39; maa & # 39 ; (mother) and & mommy & # 39; (uncle), he taught skills to communicate through gesture.

"He has also become an expert in imitation of humans. He would greet a guest by shaking hands with them and asking them to take place."

According to his family, Mr Singh was carried by his mother to an unusual long ten and a half months, but seemed to be quite normal after his birth in 1995.

When he suddenly stopped growing after turning one, the doctors told his parents not to worry and that he probably would start developing again as a normal child.

When that did not happen, he was sent to live with Mr. Singh and Ms. Kaur in Hisar, a city 120 km away, where specialists in a state hospital tried to establish the cause of his condition.

A physician at the state plant, MK Bhadu, said doctors believed that Manpreet's stunted development was hormone-related.

"The patient's growth stopped due to some hormonal imbalance," Mr. Bhadu told NTDTV in an interview from 19459006, submitted to YouTube .

"A child begins to develop mentally and physically y from the age of three. If his body does not develop, the parents must take him to a better medical facility and get him treated."

According to The Sun some scientists believe that Manpreet may have Laron's syndrome ] a rare genetic condition that is believed to affect about 300 people in the world. Those living with Laron lack in a hormone called insulin-like growth factor 1 or IGF-1, which stimulates cells to grow.

Manpreet's family has been told that the cost of investigating and treating his condition will cost up to 500,000 rupees ($ AU9900) – money they simply do not have.

A local media organization has created a crowd-funding page in the hope that people from all over the world will donate to the cause.

"We do not have enough funds to take him to a better doctor or hospital," said Mr Singh. "We appeal to the nice people on the internet to help us raise funds for Manpreet's treatment.



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