The Crown’s Claire Foy to get back pay after gender gap


CLAIRE Foy will finally get her fair share for her depiction like Queen Elizabeth II on the Netflix series The Crown.

The British actor will receive $ 364,000 in repayment, according to Daily Mail after was revealed that she made less than her fellow Matt Smith who played Prince Philip.

"As producers of The Crown we are responsible for budgets and salaries. The actors are not aware of who gets what and can not be held personally responsible for their colleagues' salaries." Left Bank Pictures, the production company behind The Crown, told the publication in a new statement.

"We are totally united with the fight for fair pay, free of gender demand and for balancing industry's treatment of women in front of the camera and behind the scenes."

Left Bank Pictures revealed in March that Smith was paid more than Foy because he was a more famous name thanks to his role in Doctor Who.

The company apologized later and said forward, "no one is paid more than the queen."

Smith also expressed his disappointment at Foy's subordinate pay to Page Six .

"I actually think she should probably have been paid as originally initially, and I think everyone has taken a very hard look at herself and gone." Here's where we went wrong and can we go ahead and do it right? "" Smith said at Tribeca Film Festival.

"The problem has happened too late. She is the queen for God's sake. It's ridiculous. "

New York Post reached Left Bank Pictures and Foy's rep for comment.

This article was originally shown on New York Post and has been reissued with permission. .



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