Woman spent her childhood fleeing the mafia with her family


ALWAYS, Pauline Dakin always knew that there was something strange about her family.

They constantly moved from city to city for no apparent reason, and when Pauline asked, her inquiries were pushed aside by her mother. 19659003] Only when she was 23, she found out the scary cause of her own childhood when her mother finally told her that she had been in flight from the mafia all her life.

Pauline grew up in Canada in the 1970s with her mother, father and brother. Her life in flight began when she was only seven years old, two years after her parents Warren and Ruth were divorced.

When she was seven, Pauline's mom took her and her brother on a vacation to Winnipeg, more than 2,300 miles from their home in Vancouver.

What they did not know before they arrived was that Ruth never planned to return.

The children never had the opportunity to say goodbye to their father, with Pauline tells [19659008] BBC that when she asked her mother why she did, she would answer: "I'm sorry I can not tell you – when you're older, I'll tell you. "

And that would be the line she would hear in the next 16 years of her life every time they suddenly moved home or something strange would happen.

It was the time Pauline and her brother came home to find that their mother threw all the food out of the fridge, though none of it had gone bad.

Or when they have been pulled out of school in the middle of the week for a hike to a hut in the mountains.

All these odd little events had terrible reasons behind them.

Over the years Pauline lost contact with his father, but a new male figure had come into the life of her family.

Stan Sears was church minister and counselor for a support group for families of alcoholics, a group that Ruth has visited when she was still at Warren, known to be a heavy drinker.

Although Pauline did not know her family's secret yet, she knew that, in any way, Stan was involved because he and his family always moved when they did.

Although she knew something, it was not. It was quite true that she learned to move on with her life, go from university and secure a job as a journalist.

But any sense of normality she had built came down in 1988 when she received an unexpected call from her mother.

"She said," OK, I'm ready to explain all these strange things that have happened throughout your life, "Pauline told.

She was instructed by her mother to meet at a motel and when she arrived, Ruth gave a note to her: "Do not say anything. Take your jewelry out. Put it in the envelope. I'll explain, just not speech. "

Pauline did as before before she met her to a hotel room where Stan was waiting for them.

This was where they told Pauline that they had all fled from the mafia because of her father's commitment to organized crime.

Stan had also become a target after the mafia found out that one of their members had opened to him to want to leave his life crimes during a counseling session.

Ruth explained that Paul's jewelry should be checked for bugs, because for 16 years each of them had been followed.

She was told that throughout her life there had been more attempts to kidnap and kill her but there were involved government agents who kept her safe.

"It was incredible," said Pauline.

"But I can remember that a sense of terror comes upon me so that this could be something we could never escape."

As if it were not a Pauline was also told that there was a secret society across the country known as the "strange world" where people like them could hide from the mafia.

Stan said that he already lived in one of these cities and Ruth planned to join him. They encouraged both Pauline to "go in" with them for protection.

As crazy as she was told, did they think the two of the people she believed most in the world and what reason should they lie to her?

"As incredible as it sounds, there were all those explanations that made pieces that were so troubled fell into some kind of pattern, a tale," said Pauline.

Finally, she took the decision to hide with them so she interrupted her job, sold her house and broke up with her boyfriend.

Pauline and her mother were told they had to wait until it was safe for them to move into the "weird world".

Five years later, they still waited, there was always a reason why timing was not right. During that time, Pauline got married and her husband Kevin had been confessed to the secret.

"I was in war with myself and I wanted to find a final way to prove it right or wrong," she said.

While Stan visited his mother, Pauline decided to call her and lie and tell her that her house had been broken.

She was told that Stan would find out what happened and immediately meet them.

Pauline's heart sank as Stan told her that two people had been taken down the street from her house and they had pictures of her. That's the moment she knew everything she had been told was a lie.

When Pauline confronted her mother a week later, there was nothing she could say to make Ruth believe in the charges Stan had done.

Stan also did not evade his story and claimed that there should have been an error in the report of the two men.

Paul's relationship with her mother never became full and she died of cancer in 2010 and still believed Stan's story. 19659042]



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