Women disguised attend Persepolis vs Sepidrood Rasht


A picture of five women who make up men in an Iranian football match has become viral.

The incredible shot caught the women in disguise inside the Azadi Stadium in Tehran, while their team Persepolis was crowned to the champions of Iran's professional football league – known as Persian Golf Pro League – in a 3-0 win over Sepidrood Rasht. 19659003] The image has gone viral because women participated in the fight in light of the country's strict decree, which prohibits women from all sports events inside the Islamic Republic.

In 2014, Iranian-British woman Ghoncheh Ghavami was drastically charged with propaganda against the state and spent more than five months in jail after being arrested and attempted to attend a World League volleyball match.

The five-legged women in the Persepolis game also made their decision to participate in the match less than three weeks after 35 women were arrested to try to attend the Tehran football stadium between Persepolis and Esteghlal in the Azadi Stadium of 95,000.

According to reports the women sank into the stadium to see their team's trophy presentation and had no trouble sneaking over the security while they had fake beards, wigs and male clothes.

The women could see their teams collect gold medals and celebrate the team's 11th domestic title.

Sky Sports reports The 35 women arrested earlier this month to try to do the same were later released.

They were prevented from entering the ground and being held by the authorities because Iranian women must not see men's football matches in Iran.

The group was spotted, although some of them were dressed as men.

Their attempts earlier this month coincided with FFA's head president Gianni Infantino's visit to the country.

The FIFA boss has been criticized for participating in "men's only" game.

He was on a two-day visit to the country to attend a ceremony to celebrate Iraq's 100th anniversary nineteen football federation.

Instead, he was forced to defend the FIFA's decision not to expel Iran from the association due to their bad human rights record.

Infantino said Iranian President Hassan Rohani briefed him about the visit the country planned to allow women to participate in sports events soon.

"I was promised that women in Iran will soon have access to football stadiums," Infantino said.

"He told me that in countries like (Iran) take some time.

" I heard that there were some events where some women were detained because they wanted to participate in a football match and There was some criticism, of course and right, "he said.

" There are two ways to deal with this case – either we criticize sanctions, we condemn we are not talking and we are cutting the relationships. Or we go there and discuss and try to convince the country's leaders that they should give (women) access to stadiums. I went to the second option. "



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