Twitter sold users’ data to researcher behind Cambridge Analytica debacle


Another social network has been swept up in Facebook's largest computer script, where Twitter confirmed that it also sold information to the researcher behind the Cambridge Analytics information-harvesting debacle.

The Microblogging Network allowed to sell users' data to Dr Aleksandr Kogan after an internal review but refused to reveal how much money it received for the information.

Cambridge Analytica, accused of using social media data to affect 2016 US elections, denied it had used tweets harvested by dr kogan but computer scientists claimed they could have played a role in creating a more complete picture of Facebook users for targeted political advertising.

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] Twitter confirmed its relationship with dr. Kogans firma Global Science Research yesterday revealed that it allowed the company to harvest "a random sample of public tweets for a five month period from December 2014 to April 2015". [19659003] But in a statement, the company claimed that it was not the same type of computer violation that hit Facebook because the tweets were deliberately shared publicly.

"Based on the latest reports, we conducted our own internal review and did not find any access to private data about people using Twitter," says the company.

"Unlike many other services, Twitter is public in nature. People come to Twitter to speak publicly, and public tweets can be viewed and searched by everyone."

Twitter regularly sells these public data to research and commercial organizations that can use the public tweets to analyze customer service, public feelings or responses to specific events.

The company raised over $ 119 million from this practice in the first three months of the year and more than $ 440 million last year.

It is not yet clear how Dr Kogan's company GSR used information collected from Twitter and whether it was sold as private details collected from as many as 87 million Facebook users around the same period.

But Cambridge Analytica allegedly used Facebook data to influence election, denied it had used Twitter information from Dr Kogan.

"Cambridge Analytica has never received Twitter data from GSR or

Aleksandr Kogan and has never done any work with GSR on Twitter data." The company said.

"The GSR was only ever a contractor for Cambridge Analytica, and we understand that it worked for many other companies."

Regardless, Twitter will no longer allow Cambridge Analytica to place ads on its platform because it has "A business model that is in violation of acceptable Twitter Ads Business Practices", even though the company will still be allowed to use its Twitter -account.



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